Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Sisters are Dropping Like Flies! 18 Feb 2013

Well.. What an exciting week for you guys! Sounds busy. I'm so excited
you're going to Vegas Go! Fight! Win! Get better Erin and Cody! I love
you guys and cheering for you an ocean away! 

 I feel like this week for me has been a blur as well. I don't even
know where to start. SO much has happen. So many emotions, good and
bad. Everything is so good. And I love this gospel. I love being a
missionary. I know I say that all the time, but there are so many
things that I learn everyday I could not have learned at home. I know
that my mission is preparing me for.. basically everything!

Wednesday.. I went on exchanges with the Sisters in Kahala. I went
with Sister Fong to her area, she is from Japan and is also a visitors
center sister. Being full pros is a lot different. We had a good day,
and it's so interesting to be in the leadership position on the
exchange. I'm not very good at.. taking charge? But hopefully just
loving and leading by example. 

 Thursday.. Kehnie got MARRIED and BAPTIZED!! It was the best
Valentine's Day EVER! I was going to send pictures but.. I forgot my
camera. Sorry. Next week for sure. It was seriously the best thing
ever! I was so happy I got to be there to see it. I met Kehnie the 1st
or 2nd day I was in Hawaii and he's had to overcome a lot. He's so
awesome. I am so happy I was able to be a small part and see the
miracle and changes he's made in himself. My heart was so full that
night, their whole family came and the spirit was sooooo strong. I
really wish I could put into words how it was, but I really just..
don't know how. But I definitely know that it was one of the reasons I
needed to come back to Hon-West. 

 Later that night I got a call from President. He told me that Sister
Fong's companion Sister Johnston, was going to go home. She got in a
car accident 3 months ago and in her MRI found something on her
thyroid. So now.. I am in a 3-some and we are back to covering both
areas. Kahala and Aliamanu. I was so high and then all of a sudden
became very stressed. You know me. I don't stress! But for some reason
as a missionary I.. Stress. I think it's because I know this work is
so important! And I focus and try to give it my all everyday and make
sure I'm being the best missionary I can be for our Heavenly Father.
So I now taking over both area and trying to meet the expectations
that come with both.. Heavenly Father is definitely building me for

 Friday.. We picked up Sister Fong at the mission office that night.
And said our goodbyes to Sister Johnston. It was so sad because I came
out with her and I imagined myself going home right now. And.. Oh boy,
I'd rather take over 2 areas than go home. It's just cannot be over in
6 months. That's way too short. But Sister Johnston had a really good
attitude and she knew that that was what she needed to do. She's
probably going to go get married. Let's be real. Sister Woodruff, (the
sister who got in a car accident in Kaneohe) went home the week before
as well. I can't handle all my sisters leaving! I need them here! 

 Well.. That's basically been the most important things in my week! It
been so.. stretching? Is that the right word to use? I feel like
Heavenly Father is teaching me so much. I love my two companions.
Sister Fong and Sister Kuok are awesome. But with them being
international and visitors center.. I'm the one leading out a lot. I
kinda feel like I'm training, but not really. Just with little things.
The VC is in it's own world. 

 I love you all! Have a safe drive to Vegas and make me proud! I'll be
looking forward to hearing what happens. Thanks for the emails!
They're the best! 

S. Nielsen

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