Monday, February 11, 2013

Ambazon? 11 Feb 2013

Aloha Family!

Well.. I got your package Mother! Mahalo! I loved EVERYTHING. And that peanut butter dakine is SO good! But.. it's 89 calories a tablespoon! Yikes! Eat sparingly. :) And.. You really call my card board cut out ambazon? How disrespectful! You need to be treating me lovingly and with kind words. And bring it everywhere you go! FHE, dinner, basketball games.. Just kidding. But really? Ambazon!?

You're all probably wondering what happened this last week with transfers!! Weeeeeeeellllllll... I am now BACK in Aliamanu. So I left for 3 weeks. A little vacay to Waimanolo, and now I'm back to Hon-West and in the concrete jungle. I know weird. But it's all good. I really did miss it here. I had an intersting experience with coming back too, it was on Thursday I think, I was thinking about why Sister Smoot left, and why I came back and thought about how the transfer could have been different, and then the spirit immediately chastised me and I just had this strong impression, "There are experiences you need to have HERE." I didn't feel like I was complaining about being back, but I had obviously offended the spirit by even thinking or questioning if everything was inspired I guess. It was really interesting, and VERY humbling. Almost as if it is a blessing to be back, I just don't know it yet, and I just need to be grateful for.. everything! It was crazy. Everyone in the ward was excited to have me back, I got a very warm loving welcome. I must say.. I learned SO much in those three weeks away. Getting transferred is a lot different than I had anticipated. But I loved it there. And I love it here. So all is well. :)

My new companion's name is Sister Kuok. She's from Macau, which is next to Hong Kong. She's so tiny and stinkin cute! She's been out on her mission for 3 months and is serving in the Visitors Center. So she's out with me for her 2 transfers full proselyting. She's still learning English, but she does a lot better than she thinks. She went to school in Beijing and graduated in fashion design. Which she's going to need to help me with, because since I've been a missionary, my 'fashion' has gone to the pits! And I only wear whatever is most comfortable! Whatever. But she's teaching me a lot about her culture and how things are different. It's really kind of fun! She has the coolest Chinese book of mormon!

Miracles are continuing to happen! I feel like I'm just picked up right where I left off. Kehnie and Erika are getting MARRIED on Thursday! And then Kehnie is getting baptized! I'm so excited! Best V-Day ever. They are so ready, and we've been working with them ever since i got on my mission, so I am so blessed to be able to be here for it! Erika is too. She didn't like that I got transferred.

On Saturday there were a bunch of names in our ward list that I didn't recognize. So I wrote some down and then planned of just going and visiting with them. One of them, this lady answered the door and we asked if this person lived there, she then said no, so then we used the prayer approach with her and she let us right in! She said she had just been reading her bible and looking for comfort as her mom just was rushed to the emergency room that morning, she had a blood clot in her lung. And this lady, her name is Molisha, was really just distressed. We prayed with her and she definitely felt the spirit! We invited her to be baptized and she said YES! I then briefly explained the about the Book of Mormon and gave her 2 Nephi 4 to read.  We set up a return appt for Sunday.. I was SO excited! It was So cool to be a part of that! We went over yesterday and she wasn't home.. :( But we'll for sure try and contact her sometime this week!

I love you all! and I'm so happy your beat Spring Creek. :) Have a suuuuuuuuuper week! Happy Valentines Day! I loooooooooooooooooooove you!

S. Nielsen

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