Monday, March 11, 2013

I Love To See the Temple. I went inside .. today! :) 5 March 2013


Wowza! So much mail to read today. But that's ok. I do enjoy mail. :) I'm sorry to hear that you lost the games, sounds like it was an awesome season though. And that everything is going well! Is it really prom season already? And Erin.. You're graduating!? What the what? When did that happen?.. Hmm.. Well I'm happy you found a dress! Be sure to send me pictures! I never get to see anything, remember I can't get on facebook. :) You guys are great!

Weeeeeellllll I feel like this has been such a long week! But good things are happening! We had a guy come to church these past few Sundays, he just moved here from Arizona, he's taken all the lessons, and wants to be baptized! I don't know why he didn't do it while he was in Arizona, but I'll be happy to baptize him! So.. I'm crossing my fingers, but I'm hoping it happens this weekend. He lives in a homeless shelter, and doesn't have a phone. So it's been kind of hard to get a hold of him and try to set up a time to meet. His name is Lorenzo. Yep. Just like the prophet. :) Other than that we don't have a lot of people we're teaching. We baptized everyone. :) So a lot of recent convert lessons and tracting.
Goodness, I feel like so much has happen. But I just can't think of anything to say! I went on exchanges this last week with the Kaneohe Sisters (my old 3 week area) and it was good! I still don't really know how to be a Sister trainer besides being an example. So with exchanges and evaluation and comp reports are all still new to me. Guess we'll figure it out as we go! But we have awesome sisters in this mission. I really don't have to do much 'training'.

My two areas, and two companions are good. Still crazy and will always be crazy. But at least we always have something to do! Yesterday I was really feeling burnt out. I love my companions, but with them being international sometimes I have to do a lot of everything. And sometimes people don't understand them. But today we were able to go to the temple! Oh. My. Goodness. I LOVE the temple SO much! It was exactly what I needed. I feel like I hadn't gone in so long. I've been waiting all transfer for this. In college I tried to go every week. So every 3 months seems like forever! But it was just so great! There is nothing like the feeling of being in the Celestial room. Baptisms in the basement are great, but in the Celestial room is incredible. I think it's Heavenly Fathers way of giving us a little bit of motivation to just keep going. That's what we get to have for eternity! If we keep our covenants  I learn something new every time I go. Ahh. The temple is just so great!

Well I better get going. Thanks so much for the love and prayers! They are felt over here on the island. Transfers are next Wednesday. So we'll see what happens. I really have NO clue what's going to happen this time around. I've been in my greenie area forever. But idk! We'll see.

I loooooooooooove you all so stinkin much! Have a fabulous week! Do good things! (<-- Like always. :) )
Much aloha,
S. Nielsen

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