Thursday, March 28, 2013

Just another day in.. Paradise! 25 Mar 2013


Wowza! Thanks so much for sending the pictures! I LOVED THEM! You guys never send me pictures. And Erin, you look freaking GORGEOUS! Ahh the pink blush dress looked dang good! I was showing some of the Elders here and they said "you guys are twins." Not the first time I've heard that. But I'm ok with it. You're gorgeous girl. :) Oh and you looked good too Cody! Workin Dad's suit. Mmmhmm. Wouldn't expect anything less. I'm glad you guys had a fun time. It's so weird that it's prom time already. Is time flying or is it just me?

Summer.. How are you doing? I'm sure you just as happy and smiley as always. Carly, are you enjoying school? Ready for summer? Adelaide, I am so happy you remember me! I miss you little rug rats!

We had a good week here in Ewa Beach. We're working a lot on finding the prepared. We have some investos.. But they are not as solid as the elders before said they were. But I know there is someone in this area ready to be baptized. And we're going to find him!

With our finding efforts I've really felt impressed that we need to work with members and get member referrals. We have a really nice area and tracting isn't as effective as it was in my last area. So in every dinner appt we're really making an effort to remember to ask for referrals. Sis. Hudson is really good at. But it was really interesting.. Last night we had dinner with a young family and they invited some other families in the ward over for dinner. All of the wives were return missionaries. And everyone was in and out, by the time for us to share a message it was just two of the wives and their children. So we showed them the Doc. of Christ DVD and then asked if they knew anyone who needed the gospel. And these two women, have been missionaries before, they know the importance of missionary work and sharing the gospel. Yet they struggled with our request. I know that life takes over when you go home, and that they have their families to worry about, but I was really disappointed. How many times a day do we interact with nonmembers. Stay at home moms not as much.. But they do have neighbors! Why are we afraid to just open our mouths? I had a Zone Leader always say "Fear is the first defeat of a man" I may have already told you this before because I really like this quote. But I then was thinking about Katherine, she was a member referral. I don't even know if they were really great friends, but she knew that the gospel would help her in her life and all she did was talk about how the church would help and if she would meet with the missionaries. I'm just learning a lot of things of what I want to do when I go home. Be anxiously engaged in missionary work. Maybe I just have high expectations because of Dad.. Either way. I need member referrals.

Sister Hudson is so awesome. She is so solid and so prepared for this work. Her testimony is going to change lives! Training is good. It's different than I expected, but I am learning just as much as she is! It's helping me remember the basics, and fundamentals of missionary work. 

This last week I was a little frustrated with my new zone. Both our Zone Leaders are really new to their calling, and I was getting frustrated because things just weren't as focused or.. Idk. I just came from an awesome zone with dedicated zone leaders, and they are going to hit high water this month. I've definitely learned patience this last week. I've also been praying on how to be a better leader, and how I can be the best trainer for Sis. Hudson and help Heavenly Father develop her into the missionary he sees in her. I read a talk this morning from last conference that was SOO perfect for every situation I'm in. Help Them Aim High by Henry B. Eyring. Read it. I was just so perfect. Heavenly Father is so good and answers our prayers.

Well I better go. But I love you all so much! Have a wonderful Easter! He is risen. :) So the rest of us will live again.

Much aloha and LOVE! 
S. Nielsen 

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