Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm getting a baby! 11 Mar 2013


Holy cow.. I really can't believe it's March. Where you guys talk about the weather and how it's kinda starting to warm up it reminds me how long I've actually been out. Weird. Stink, tell me about how you got asked to prom. Pretty please. :)

Well.. It was a good week for us here in Hawaii! Lorenzo got... Drum roll please.. BAPTIZED! It was crazy how much the adversary was trying to stop this from happening. We had no way of trying to get in contact with Lorenzo because he didn't have a phone and was living in a homeless Men's shelter. So he would call us if he found a phone, but he called us on Tuesday when we were at the temple so we missed it. And then he called again on Wednesday and said he wanted to see us that morning. But due to some miscommunication we never met. I thought he said meet at this plaza but he was meaning the church. :/ Stink. So then he calls again on Thursday. (I was so happy he was so persistent!) And we FINALLY get to meet with each other at the church. He's just moved here from Arizona and has taken all the lessons there, he wanted to be baptized but some obstacles make it so that that couldn't happen. And then he moved here! So when we saw him we briefly reviewed all the lessons and prepped him for his Baptismal interview. Then our district leader came interviewed him and he was good to go. The only problem now was his schedule. He's trying to get a job and he had an interview Friday and he didn't know if he was going to have to work on Saturday  So he was trying to push it to Monday or Tuesday morning. And morning time is hard because our bishopric has to work. Soo I really didn't like that idea. So we were to wait and see what happen during his interview and if he was to work on Saturday. He called us Friday evening and said that the interview got moved to Monday! Hallejuiah! Then after talking to our Bishop, he said he found out that the shelter he was living in was in another ward. So I talked to President during my interview on Friday and he gave me the authority to make it happen in our ward. So we whipped everything together and had a baptism Saturday Evening. Small things, but Satan was trying really hard. But it happen! And Lorenzo is BAPTIZED! He's so solid. He had the desire and has such incredible faith. 

Some exciting things are happening this week. It's transfers again! 11 New full pros sisters. That's nuts. And I am leaving the Aliamanu ward and training a new missionary. I'm excited! But I don't think that it's actually hit me that I am leaving.. I love this ward. And I've learned a lot in this area. With covering to wards and everything else. Next email I might be on a different island! Which will we fun, I'm definitely needing a change. I haven't lived somewhere for 7 1/2 months straight in a long time! But all will be well. :) The Missionaries in my Zone are guessing that I'm going to Big Island. But we'll see. A lot of new sister areas are opening up. And we have 3 sisters who've only been out for 5 weeks who are training. Sister Wright's group is the oldest sisters in the mission now! That's so weird.

Well.. I don't know if I have much more to say either. I am learning new things everyday. My perspective is changing about the little things that matter. One thing that's been on my mind lately is why are obedient and keep the commandments. And I've learned that there is 2 reasons. The first is duty, we feel obligated to, we do things because we feel like we HAVE to. And we probably are grumbling the whole time. Where as the second is because of love. We love our Savior and we WANT to follow him. And keep the commandments that He has given us because we love Him. And we understand the scripture, "If ye love me, keep my commandments." Our Bishop just got called to be in the Stake Presidency, but he has not been released as bishop and it's been about 2 months. And I've wondered why.. And I think it's because there are so many priesthood in our ward that are military, but also who are not fully committed. They are sitting the bench and would rather watch someone else work and sweat then becoming a starter. But in the end, your team still wins, but you didn't have to do anything. Maybe I'm wrong..  But just things that have been on my mind. 

I love you all so much! Make this next week the best week of your life!

Much Aloha! 
S. Nielsen 

This is Lorenzo's baptism. No we didn't even plan to match! And our matching skirts that 'grandma' made. The elders in our zone have matching ties. :) 
Love you! S. Nielsen 

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