Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving.. Already!? Again!? 26 Nov 2013

Aloha my wonderful family,

Well I'm glad to hear that Cody had a good birthday! I cannot believe your 17. I guess as a missionary you just think that everything back home stays still. But it doesn't and then it's weird to comprehend..

Well transfers came and went! So last week was a little crazy for us. We worked all day Tuesday and then drove to Kona that night. One of the sisters there was being transferred and the other needed a companion for the wait time in the morning before her new companion came in. So Sister Lauhingoa and I slept on the floor and got all that transfer stuff done. We were able to make it back to Kohala around 1 and then worked the rest of the day. But exhausted for not having a very good sleep.

Thursday we had our baptismal interviews for Joshua and Arianna. And they both passed! Thank goodness! That always makes me a little nervous, because I would hate to be that missionary who's baptisee didn't pass their interview. Just would mean that the missionaries didn't prepare them as well as they should have. They are both so awesome and were so ready! 

The rest of the week we were squeezing in lessons along with trying to prepare for their baptism on Saturday. I think I forgot how much time and preparation goes into having a baptism service. I kept forgetting so many things! But in the end Heavenly Father smooths everything over and it went so well! My favorite sound is listening to the water fill up the baptism font. It's the best!

Both of their nonmembers families came to the baptism. We knew Arianna's mom would come. She's been so sweet with helping us teach Arianna. But Joshua's family hasn't shown really any support. So we were really excited to see that his mom brought him to the baptism and she and his two little sisters attended. He looked so good! One of the members bought him a white shirt and tie with dress pants. :) Sister Lauhingoa talked on Baptism and I talked on the Holy Ghost. I love the spirit at baptisms, there is something powerful with watching the priesthood in action and witnessing an ordinance. After they were baptized I kept watching Joshua's little sisters and I saw the older one, (she's about 12 or so..) turn to her mom and say, "Mom, can I be baptized?" :)

On Sunday Joshua's two sisters attended church. Josh was confirmed a member of the church, we were waiting for Arianna but she never came. We didn't really know what happened, but we stopped by after church and she was sick with a sore stomach. So she will just have to be confirmed next Sunday. 

Yesterday was MLC so I'm sure you figured that out since I'm emailing you on Tuesday. :) I flew to O'ahu bright and early with my zone leaders. It was really good. It's crazy how much the mission has changed since I first started my mission. I was the oldest person in the room who had attend MLC the longest. There may have been 1 other elder. But still I'm one of the old grandmas now.

I cannot believe it's already Thanksgiving week!! That's so crazy. My second round of holidays are comin up. I feel so grateful for so many things. My life is so blessed. I love being a missionary. And pretty soon our family will get to have 2 missionaries! 

I love you all so so much! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am grateful for the amazing family that I have. :) 

Sister Nielsen

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