Tuesday, November 19, 2013

21 Lessons and Full of Miracles! 18 Nov 2013

Aloha my Nielsen Ohana,

This week has been SO BUSY! And I LOVE it. We have worked so hard and saw so many miracles!

As of right now we have 6 with date! Yes your heard me 6! I don't think I've ever had 6 with date my whole mission! But Heavenly Father just blessed us and they came. I don't even know what we really did to deserve them. We're just working I guess and being effective! On average Kohala usually teaches about 10 lessons a week on average. But I know that Elder Perry has made a promise that if you teach 20 lessons a week you'll baptize.. or something like that. So our goal this week was to teach that many lessons. And we did it! We were so busy but we've been so blessed!

Joshua and Arianna will have a combined baptism this Saturday. There is a funeral that day so we're not quite sure of the time and things yet. But they are both so ready! It's amazing to see how Heavenly Father has prepared them so much. One thing I really want to start with this ward is having the member teach the after baptism lessons. I've never had a ward do that before. We'll see how that goes.

We were able to teach a family Tuesday and it was amazing! We've talked to the husband before Miki and he isn't a member.The mother is Less Active and the rest of the family isn't members. We had a member come with us who lives 2 houses above them. We taught the plan of Salvation and the spirit was so strong. You can see how it has been working on them and preparing them for the gospel and for this woman to come back to church. I love lessons like that.

Wednesday was the craziest day of my life and we didn't even have time to eat lunch! But it was so good. We taught 7 lessons total. And committed 3 more people to be baptized. Kaya was a part of the primary program last week and her auntie came up to us and said she wanted to be baptized. We taught her and she will be ready by Dec. 7th! We also popped by a girl named Brianna, she was taught by the senior missionaries before the Rapiers. They had a baptismal record filled out and everything and then something happen and she wasn't baptized. We'd stopped there once and when we came back she said that she did want to be baptized! she too will be baptized on Dec. 7th. The last people who has been added to our with dates is Alexis. The Rapiers were teaching her and she was suppose to be baptized before they left, but she had a little word of wisdom problem and they didn't feel good about it. But we taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ and committed her to be baptized on December 14th. She said she will prepare for that day. It was so amazing! I was so exhausted, but the spirit somehow gives us strength.

Another miracle that happen is I found my planner! Thank goodness. It's been lost for about 2 weeks and one of our members said that her brother in law's ex wife found it. Coconut wire went a little slow this time around. But I was able to retrieve it and no harm was done. Such a blessing!

Last night we started our 1st member missionary class. We had a few people show up. I felt really scatterbrained walking in there because we had had such a busy week. But hopefully the spirit took over and we were able to help our members understand there part. We taught the first principle of member missionary work. We succeed when we invite. We talked about what keeps people from sharing the gospel and how this class is to help overcome all these things. Fear of rejection is overcome by knowing that our success is in the invitation. I'm really excited about this class, the next 2 classes really hit the bullzye of member missionary work. Hopefully they all got something out of it.

Ahh.. I wish I could tell you everything and every experience that happened this week. It was so good. It reminded me of working in Aliamanu. How grateful I am for my companion who is willing to work! And who isn't afraid to committ people to be baptized. I feel like we both have the same purpose and the work is just going!

I am so grateful to be a misisonary. Today I start my 2nd to last transfer. (Yes I'm staying in Kohala with Sister Lauhingoa. We're training.) Lately I am been thinking about how my life would be if I didn't serve a mission and come to Hawaii. I think I probably wouldn't know a thing about the gospel! This has been the best experience of my life. What a privilage it's been to be a representative of Jesus Christ. I will forever cherish this time. I am SO happy too that it's not over yet! I still have 2 transfers to do the Lord's work. :)

I love you all so much. God is so good. He gives us mountains to climb, but it's such a great view from the top. And from on top we'll be more in perspective of Heavenly Father's wonderful plan he has for each of us. Come what may and love it.

Ofa atu! and Aloha!

Sister Nielsen

Tai and Eileen temple pictures!‏

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