Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Member Missionary Class! 12 Nov 2013

My Dear Nielsen Ohana,

I am so sad to hear about grandma passing away. That really was unexpected for me. I thought she would be alive when I got home. But everything is in Heavenly Father's timing. I'm happy everyone is taking it well too, and that she did go peacefully. Now we got the Nielsen couple on the other side doing work! What a tender mercy. How was the funeral and burial? 

Well this last week was really really good! We are seeing miracles left and right! We now have 3 with date! Chee-hoo!

Arianna our just barely turned 8 year old will be baptized on Nov. 23rd. She wasn't able to come to church on Sunday and we need her to come one more time in order for her to be baptized. So her date has been pushed a week. But it's still happenening! Satan has been really trying to play his game to make it not happen. Arianna was really sick at the beginning of the week. She went to Kohala hospital, they referred her to Waimea and then to Kona. They said they think she had mumps.. She wouldn't move her head very much because she has some lump or something on her neck that her. We were suppose to have a lesson on Tuesday and Sister Udell, her grandma, came with. Sister Udell really wanted her to get a blessing so she drove up the street to get the stake patriarch. He came down and gave her a blessing by himself. It was such a powerful blessing! In the blessing he said.. "I dispell the adversary out of you." I didn't really think that the adversary could take the form of a disease of sickness but he did! That was a way he could stop the baptism from happening. That was such a crazy experience. It blew my mind!

Joshua now has a baptism date for Nov. 23rd as well! We taught him the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chasity and he said that both will be easy to live. Phew! He's doing so good! He comes to church every week and is reading from the BOM.

Ainsley is committed for Nov. 30th! We went over on Wednesday and were planning on teaching him the Word of Wisdom. Then right before I turned to my companion and changed it to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We started with the Robles Temple DVD and when the family was getting baptized he started feeling the sprit and was freaking out a little bit. "What is this!? Ahh I have chicken skin. This is the same feeling I had that one time. Ahh man!" Haha. We explained the spirit and told him that the things he was seeing are true. He really wants to be baptized. So then we said "in order to be baptized there are some things we need to prepare before had, one of those is living the word of wisdom."  Funny how the spirit works and sometimes just changes the lesson right in the middle. I thought he would have a problem with smoking. But he doesn't! He said that sometime he will roll his own, but he never buys them and that he would definitely live the Word of Wistodm. MIRACLE! He didn't come to church last week like he said he was going to. So we decided to give him a church tour. It went really well and I think it helped calm his nerves with coming to a foregin church.

He came to church on Sunday and LOVED it. It was the primary program and his son, Racin, was involved. He even participated in the discussion in Gospel Principles! Our next lesson is the Law of Chasity. He is living with his girlfriend.. So we're going to need to plan a wedaptism. But he is committed to be baptized on Nov. 30th! :)

We are really trying to focus on getting our ward more missionary minded and trying to bring them out with us more. With this we are starting a member missionary class this Sunday! I'm really excited about it. It's a 3 week outline from Elder Clayton Christiansen of the Seventy. And we'll rotate active members in the ward to all attend it. This is something Ewa Beach was doing and it was so great! Our ward mission leader taught it. But I want to start doing it here.

I love being a missionary! This is the best! I am so happy that Sister Lauhingoa and I are WORKING! And unified! This is an answer to my prayers. All I want to do is work these last few months.

I recieved an email from Sister Wright and she's been talking to Tai and Eileen. (My first baptism a year ago!) They are going to the Washington temple to be sealed this weekend! I am so excited for them. What a blessing it's been to be such a small part of watching their growth in the gospel!

I love you! Have a fabulous week. :)

Much Aloha,
Sister Nielsen

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