Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Where Did This Transfer Go? 22 Apr 2013


Well.. I'm sorry to hear the bug's been going around! That's no fun. I remember when I was with Sis. Wright she told me that she always thought it was a blessing to get sick, because sometimes it's Heavenly Fathers way of telling her to slow down a little bit, and to get some rest. She did alot in college. But maybe this is just Heavenly Father blessing you! .. Maybe. :)

I am so glad the sealing went well for Jordan and Sarah! That's so exciting for them and their family! Send my congratulations. :) That's the big picture, being together with our families in the temple.

Well.. Another transfer, came and GONE! But I am pleased to announce that Sis. Hudson and I are staying together! Yaay! She's the first companion I've had more than 5 weeks since December. Craziness. Sometimes people ask me where I've served and then I have to explain this whole long story. But I am so grateful for everything!

The transfers over and I finally feel like I have a grip on whitewashing! That I know the area, and starting to know all the active ward members and gaining their trust. We found 7 new investos this last week! Mostly through part member families. Ahh I am so excited to finally start teaching again! Not that we haven't been teaching, but to just be busy with appts. :) I feel really good about all the people we are starting to teach. Most of them have been taught by missionaries before, so we just need to figure out what their concerns are, and dig a little to figure them out and let them feel the spirit testify to them.

We had a lesson with Carl this last week. But! We changed locations. :) We had the lesson at our ward misison leader's home, and it went SO much better! The spirit was able to be there and he was able to focus a lot more. I stinkin love Carl. He's a little stubborn old man, but I love him so much! He tries to trick us with his questions, but then he cries when he feels the spirit. This last week he was really upset about the 8 year old that died in the boston marathon bombing. He wanted to know why God would let that happen. And it just so happens that we were teaching the plan of salvation! Perfect. He gets along really well with our ward mission leader, he is a hauli local, grew up in La'ie and is now a director over the PCC or something. But when he was helping us teach his pigeon was coming out! And.. I was just so impressed that he was able to teach in pigeon and have the spirit! It was pretty cool.

Also yesterday after church, Sis Hudson and I decided to do a little tracting. We were short on some of our hours this last week. And we got 6 blessings before dinner! I think every house we knocked on said yes to the prayer. And they were all really nice! Not like the pervious weeks.. But we were able to find one girl with is 20 and she said that at this time she is "church investigating." Her grandma is catholic, but they didn't get baptized because they wanted them to choose for themselves. Well.. Hey! I have a church you can investigate! :) We got a return appt. with her!

I am so excited about all these new investigators, but I'm sad we didn't find them earlier! I might only have 6 weeks left here :/, and I want to see them all get baptized. Usually that's what happens when you train, your trainee takes over the area. Guess I just need to stop being selfish. Everything will work out the way it's suppose to.

I am so happy for the Book of Mormon. I just finished 3rd Nephi.. And really all we need to know is in the scriptures. Jesus Christ when he's ministering in the Americas is quoting prophets. Isaiah and Malachi.. They are His words, yet He's quoting through a prophet, what He said. Listen to the prophets! I also compared some of 3 Nephi to Matthew, like it says to do. And it's SOO similar, but the only thing I found the bible to be lacking, is Jesus Christ in the Americas taught us how to be baptized. I thought that was really interesting. There is such a power that comes from reading the Book of Mormon. We really need to feast upon the words of Christ. That is how we are going to be able to be armed with righteousness. Heavenly Father can help us overcome anything, we just need to listen to what He tells us to do.

Well.. Things are going well. Just trying to be the best missionary I can be and to help others come into the fold! Have a fantastic week! :)

Love you all so MUCH!
S. Nielsen

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