Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lead, Kindly Light 15 Apr 2013


Well I really can't believe it's P-day again! These weeks are seriously flying by! Dad..  A few weeks ago you mentioned that I was almost half way. AHH! I really don't know how to handle going on the down hill slope of things. I love being a missionary and it has changed my life. I love Hawaii. And all these people here. I cannot imagine my life without my mission!

Well Ewa Beach 2nd ward is doing good! I keep saying that it should be picking up soon.. But it kind of hasn't yet. White washing is a lot different as the trainer rather than as the trainee. We've been trying to contact LAPMs and we do and set up appts but then they haven't been home or cancel on us last minute. But we're working hard! And trying our best to be as obedient as possible, I know there are people here ready to be baptized. We just need to find them!

Sister Hudson is super awesome! She's doing an excellent job taking over the area for all these exchanges. It's funny being a trainer, I'm noticing how she's picking up on a lot of things I say and things that I've learned on my mission. Just little key power phrases that I really like. For example. Turning inward or outward. Christans don't argue with chirstians. Etc. Etc. :) I really do feel like a real mom!

We do have 3 investigators that we've been meeting with every week who the elders were working with before. The first is Shane, he's 9 years old and lives in a very rough home. His dad is a member and he lost his mom about a year or two ago. But he really loves primary and church and wants to be baptized! But his Dad is less active and an accountant (We all know how that is..) So they're super busy right now. He hasn't come to church at all since we've been here. So our game plan is to try and get the Dad more solid to take the whole family to church, because that really is going to effect his future. And the retention after he is baptized. We're hoping and praying for him. I really want to help this family. 

Our 2nd investigator's name is Carl. He's like 68 and on dialosis. He's old and stubborn. He really likes to give us a hard time. He's the last in his family to get baptized. The rest of them are convert baptisms of about 1 to 2 years. But he has a lot of questions and is just stubborn. Sometimes he gets teary eyes while were teaching him, I know he feels the spirit. But he keeps requesting that God give him a sign. Maybe we need to read the story of Korihor.. :) We talked to him and committed him to change his prayer, to ask if what we are teaching him is true or something more specific. But.. I'm not quite sure if he has done very well at it yet. We want to try and teach him in a place other than his home. Because the way his family likes to show their love is by teasing each other.. "Hey stupid!.." Things like that.. And we can tell it's really effecting him, especially while were there trying to help him understand things. So that's our new goal.

Last but not least! Dale. Dale is in the miliary and local. He's married to LeeAnn who is less active and when we first met with him we asked him what he remembers from the elders and all he said is.. Magic tricks. Hmmm.. Okie Dokie! Let's start from the beginning! We've taught him the first 3 lessons and everytime the spirit has been so strong. During our 2 lesson we committed to have him praying about the 27th of April to be baptized, and he said he would. But this last week when we went over.. He really didn't do it. I think he's afraid of the answer he's going to get. He knows the BOM is true and understands and believes everything that we're teaching him. But he was Catholic before and just can't get over his old religion. He said it's going to take baby steps. I really think we need to him REALLY read the BOM and come to church. They haven't been in a while. This last week we also watched the Robles Temple DVD and it really touched LeeAnn. She was crying afterwards and you could tell she really wants to be coming to church and things, but she doesn't want to go alone. Dale fell asleep.. I was praying for the spirit to go over there and wake him up. But I afterwards I think him seeing the impact it had on LeeAnn he really wants to watch it now. So we'll be sure for him to see it again.

Welp! That's about the work we're doing here! I also went on exchanges again this week to Waialua with Sister Kimmons and we contacted this old straggly man and he basically proposed to me. Don't worry I said no! It was suuuper weird. He was nasty. He believed in Aliens and God. You meet so many interesting people as a missionary.

I have a new favorite hymn that's really touched me lately! Lead, Kindly Light. We have been listening to BYU Vocal Point and they do an AWESOME arrangement of this song. I know that God is leading me and my life. I am so happy and grateful for all the blessings He has given me. I am trusting Him with everything because He can make a lot more of my life than I can. I love this gospel and I am SO happy I am here on a mission!

I love you all so much! Thanks for the prayers and all the support. I really do feel em.

Much aloha!
S. Nielsen

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