Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Be where you're suppose to be, and when you're suppose to be there. 16 Dec 2013

Aloha my dear Ohana! 

Well this last week was.. Crazy fast! Ahh I really cannot keep up with time. I cannot believe that Erin is leaving and Christmas is next week! Freaks me out. Ohh just for some housekeeping.. President Warner is allowing up to skype on Christmas Day. So I was wondering if there was a time that would work best for you guys. I already asked Sister Elam if we could use her computer and she said that was fine. Soo if we skyped at 9am here it's either noon or 1 your time.  I can't remember is there's a three or four hour difference. So I don't know what you guys have planned on Christmas. But just let me know!

I remember something that was said from a BYU-Idaho devotional at the beginning of a semester by Pres. Clark. He said, "Be where you're suppose to be and when you're suppose to be there." He was referring to classes and work things, but I have always remember that and it definitely was able to apply to missionary work this week. 

Well our investo Andrew is.. missing. He was scheduled to be baptized on Saturday, but he had some court case on monday and we haven't heard from him since. :/ He wasn't even sure what was going to happen to him, but I think he's locked up in some sort of institution. But Heavenly Father is in control and He knows what's going on.

Kaya Lee as was also scheduled for this week, but has been pushed back for the 28th just so we can fit in all the lessons and her mom will be able to come on that day. She's such a superstar and so solid! She's like a sponge and absorbing everything we say. 

I went on exchanges with Sister Hodgsons to Waimea on Wednesday. We had a really good exchange. She's from Rocklin California and knows our dear cousin Sarah! We had a lot of fun and taught a lot of lessons. I hope and pray that I was able to help her in any way that I could. She's a solid missionary with a desire to be exactly obedient. 

On Saturday we went to go and teach a PM family that we had been visiting, we've invited Keoki, the nonmember, to be baptized and he agreed. He also came to church the week before since we invited him. He is not married to the member he is living with and so we went with the plan to teach them the law of chastity. Keoki was working but we just started having a nice chat with his "girlfriend"(?), Lani, she mentioned that they were not married and then we just started to ask her questions. It turns out that she's the one who doesn't' want to get married and that Keoki wants to. She was the exact person whom we needed to teach the law of chastity too. We had a really good discussion and asked her to read the pamphlet and to pray to know if Heavenly Father wants her to marry Keoki. Heavenly Father totally set everything up for us. Keoki came to church again yesterday. I think this really is his time for change. 

Later that day we stopped by to visit another investigator couple to invite them to come to church. Kimi and Sione, they really love what we're teaching them but are having the hardest time coming to church. Sione was resting and we were able to just talk to Kimi. It was so good because she was really able to open up to us about what was going on. She's going through a really rough time right now. They are living in an overcrowded home with all of their extended family, and it causes her marriage to be on the edge a lot because of miscommunications. They want to find a place of their own but financially they are struggling as well. Then she explain about Sione, how he's been struggling with alcohol and drugs. Heavy drugs. (They are really bad here in Kohala) And how's it been effecting her and the kids. She was able to just unload everything and I was so happy we were able to be there for her. Everything she said she was struggling with reflected to a gospel principle or commandment we need to live. She then admitted that when we came and had our little sunday lessons at their house they always felt better afterwards. It was exactly the time that we needed to be there for Kimi. We truly are the Lord's hand and representatives being lead by His spirit. And it was such a blessing to be that we are doing what Heavenly Father has intended for us to do here in Kohala. 

I was reading in Alma about the stripling warriors and I realized that this is exactly what were going through right now. We're at war, and we need more soldiers. So we need the younger kids to come and help us. That's exactly what happen with the age change. So Erin, always remember that you are part of the stripling warriors! And not one of them were slain because of their faith. You will do amazing things on your mission.

I got an email today from Sister Wright. She's engaged! And they are getting married on February 22nd and she's asked me to be a bridesmaid. I am so excited for her! Soo if you could try to schedule my homecoming talk to be on the 16th that way I can be there I would love you forever!

Well that's about my week! We really are working hard and trying our best to be exactly obedient. I keep praying for a miracle. And lately I have been able to witness the small miracles each and every day that Heavenly Father is giving us. This is HIS work. I am so grateful to be a missionary.

I love you so much! A hui hou!

Sister Nielsen 

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