Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A hui hou Kohala. 30 Dec 2013

Aloha my Nielsen Fam!

Well.. This week seems like a blur. With Christmas and everything, it really didn't feel like Christmas this year. It's still strange that's Christmas can be warm. But it was so good to talk and SEE you guys. So crazy, but good! They rest of the day we worked on getting skype to connect to Tonga for like 2 hours. But we finally did! I was praying that Sister Lauhingoa would be able to talk to her family. We then went to Waimea and to cruz with the other missionaries.

Just for a little update! 2 weeks ago the whole mission got interviewed by a general authority and President Warner. Because of some drama that had happened in the mission they came and interviewed everything and committed us to be 100% obedient. But after talking to everyone else about the interviews it was amazing how really inspiring they were. They added a little something different in each one that personalized to them. In my interview President explained what they were doing and then asked if I would be obedient. I said yes. (Of course) Then he called me a "seasoned missionary" and shared a scripture from Luke 22:31 and taught about the importance of being an example as a leader and that Satan has desire to have ME. That my weakest points become the other sisters because they watch me. It was interesting because we had just listened to a talk by John Bytheway on the drive down where he was talking about being an example of the believers. I guess sometimes I don't really think that I am an example to other missionaries. It was a good reminded. :) Elder Richards then told me that my mission is preparing me to be a better wife and mother.. YIKES! 

We worked last monday (and took our p-day on Christmas) and on Tuesday till 2pm. We actually still had a really successful week! We taught a total of 19 lessons! So close to 20. But we saw so many miracles as well.

On Thursday I went on my last exchange as a Sister Trainer with Sister LeBaron. (I'm getting released) It was so good! She was one of the sisters I was over in Ewa so we were able to reminisce about our other exchanges. She'd actually been a Sister Trainer on O'ahu before she came to Big Island and so we talked about our callings and our responsibilities. Her zone was very disobedient, but she didn't want to hear about it and was so oblivious to everything that was going on. I guess President was expecting her to report things as a leader, but she really didn't know anything. It was a good talk, and a good exchange we taught to many lessons! She's such a good missionary. I look up to her a lot.

While on exchange I talked to the assistants and they told me that I was being transferred. It was such a strange feeling. And I don't think it really hit me at that time since I was in Kona. We exchanged back Friday morning and then Sister Lauhingoa and I headed to my DLTM meeting  in Kona. My last one! The Elders were funny at the end they asked if I would share my words of wisdom since I had been in Leadership for a long time. I'm like a grandma in the mission.

We then headed back to Kohala. It was a rainy day and everything was so green, I think that's when everything sunk in. I didn't want to tell Sister Lauhingoa since we really weren't supposed to know yet. The elders called later that day and said, "You're leaving." --"I know" (They always call the airlines and find out things). Sister Lauhingoa and I just sat in the car for a while, we both ended up crying a little bit. I've never been so sad to leave an area before. I really thought I was going to finish my mission here. She told me, "I was wondering why you were acting so strange.. You kept saying, "Look how green everything is.. Ohh it's so beautiful." "Josh can we take a picture with you?" " Guess I was getting a little sentimental about everything.

Kaya Lee our investigator was scheduled to be baptized on Saturday. Thursday she was suppose to have her interview while we were on exchange, but Tina (her cousin- member) called and said that they wanted to push it to the next week since they were in Hilo that day and couldn't make it for the interview. When I got back from exchange I just left a message that transfers was this next week and we knew that one of us was leaving. Tina's served a mission and knows how that feels. She then said she would see what she could do. We got a text Saturday morning that Kaya would be baptized the next weekend. I was so sad, everything happens for a reason.

Sunday was Sister Lauhingoa's birthday! So I woke up at 5am and make her breakfast. (I feel like it's just tradition now.) It was complete with pancakes, burnt bacon, sausage, kohala oranges, and rambutan. :) Sister Lauhingoa said that she had a dream that Kaya got baptized today. We kinda shrugged it off like, well that probably wont happen. We then got a call from Tina saying that Kaya wanted to be baptized that evening! Ahhh! We were so excited. We quickly made preparations and she was baptized that evening. We had to cancel our member missionary class but it was so worth it! I love that girl so much. And I feel like I feel complete to leave now. Heavenly Father is so good to me.

Well tomorrow morning I'm headed to Honolulu-Kahala on O'ahu. This is the area I was over with Sister Smoot before, and then again with Sister Fong and Sister Kuok. Rich area. When we were in both Aliamanu and Kahala. I never really got to know that ward very well since we were in 2 areas and I loved Aliamanu. I am glad that Heavenly Father still sees fit to refine me, even this seasoned grandma missionary before I come home. I know that there is a reason for me to be in Kahala. This morning I remembered an experience of being in Kahala and eating dinner with a part member family and having the thought that I could come back to Kahala later in my mission to teach them. I don't even remember who they are. But here I am.. Headed back to Kahala for the 3rd time. Obviously there is something Heavenly Father wants me to do. I'm so sad to leave Kohala, but excited to see the miracles that will come this last transfer.

I love you all so much! Have a happy New Year with many resolutions! (Dad.. I'm so happy to hear the basement is getting worked on! Cheehoo!)

Sister Nielsen

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