Saturday, June 16, 2012

You gotta leap.

Here's my story: A mission has always been in the back of my head.. but making the decision to actually go was the hard part. There are many things that impacted this decision. I was so flip floppy and praying the wrong way about it for a long time. I thought I'd had answers, but obviously I wasn't sure cause I kept asking. I'd pray for Heavenly Father to just tell me what to do. If he told me to go on a mission I would go. If he told me to stay home and continue going to school, I'd stay. No questions asked. I wanted to do what was right and what the Lord had planned for me. Little did I realize that I had my opinion in the matter as well. I had to decide if that's what I actually WANTED to do. I needed to make the decision, and then go to him and ask if this was right. But now the real question.. Do I, Amber Lee Nielsen, really want to go on a mission?

Well, that answer is a no brainer because my mission papers are IN!! Aaahhhhhh!! My papers went into the hands of the church headquarters on June 5th; where my face (see picture below,  that's what I sent them) will we plastered on a wall in front of an apostle of the Lord, and he will then determine by revelation where I am to go. Where the Lord needs me. I am sooooo excited! This is so crazy and surreal! It's actually time, the time has come that I take this new adventure and challenge. I have so many emotions running though my body I can't keep up. I know the Lord has blessed me with this decision and I have see his love for me so much these past couple of weeks in preparing my papers. I know that this is what is right, this is what he wants me to do, but more importantly is it what I want to do! And nothins gonna stop me.

I have created this blog to keep people posted on my papers and mission. I'll keep you updated on where I get sent, and then I'm sure my sister will take over and post all my weekly emails on all my new adventures. :)
Love, Amber Lee Nielsen

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